Friday, December 14, 2012

Art Attack!

I was recently filmed for Art Attack, a feature on SoulPancake where they "present an artist with a spark and they create a piece of art based on it. Then, we see their process unfold in glorious time lapse!

And apparently someone hates my glasses? Or rather is definitely going to. I dunno.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Father vs. Son

Here's a personal piece that I began in May and set aside for months now. I finally managed to sit down and finish it this weekend.
If you know me (not even all that well) you can certainly tell that I probably know Star Wars better than I know anything else (see also the numerous drawings I did last year)
Rather than repeat myself and do straight portraits from the films, I wanted to show a different angle of one of my favorite scenes. In this image, it's the "calm before the storm" moment just before Vader springs out to attack Luke in the climax of The Empire Strikes Back.

Detail - Luke
Detail - Vader
Detail - Basic on a wall panel
And be sure to check out PJ McQuade's AWESOME Star Wars holiday cards here! Tis the season to be a nerfherder!


UPDATE: This piece is now available as a print as well as iPhone/iPod cases and stationery cards at my Society6 store,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Singles vs. Baker Boys

Here's a cover I did for Seattle Weekly for a story by Mike Seely (read here) that argues that Steve Kloves' The Fabulous Baker Boys, starring Jeff Bridges and Michelle Pfeiffer, is the more quintessential Seattle movie than Cameron Crowe's Singles, starring Matt Dillon and Bridget Fonda.
AD Jane Sherman (who is now over at Seattle Met) contacted me with the idea of putting Bridges and Pfeiffer in the iconic pose from the Singles poster, having apparently ousted Dillon and Fonda.
 I sketched out several variations to find the right combination of the two sets of characters.

Thanks again to Jane for such a fun gig!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Clever Girl

Here's a quick piece I did for fun over Sunday and Monday based on one of my favorite movies, Jurassic Park.
I wanted to make something that would pay homage somewhat to the wonderful simplicity of the iconic original poster as well as make use of one of the film's many incredible images.
I also wanted to challenge myself to use as few colors as possible so that it was clean and simple throughout.


UPDATE: This piece is now available as a print as well as iPhone/iPod cases and stationery cards at my Society6 store,