Friday, April 4, 2014

Wigging Out

Here's some fun new work that I got to do for the great Entertainment Weekly!
I was so beyond excited to receive an email from the wonderful Jennie Chang, managing art director at EW last week. Based on my drawings for Alex Fine's awesome Hairy Baltimore, she wanted me to tackle 16 drawings of wigs from TV shows like Game of Thrones, True Detective, Scandal, The Americans, The Walking Dead, and many more. I didn't even know some of these were wigs!
Despite eventually being a bit hard on my wrist, I had a great time over the weekend knocking out these drawings and plowing through my audiobooks.

The issue has just come out and I'm incredibly pleased with how the drawings were integrated into the page layout! Thanks again to Jennie!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A City Girl in Hot Water

Here's a new spot for Las Vegas Weekly. It accompanies a great story by Leslie Ventura about her unenthusiastic trip to a hot spring in the desert. You can read the story HERE or even flip through this week's entire outdoors-themed issue at

I had some fun in doing the sketches trying various angles on the specific image they wanted for the spot.
Thanks to Corlene Byrd for gig!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Masters & Johnson

Here's a new promotional piece I did to send out as a promo. It's actually my first promo since 2012 as I mostly focused on storyboarding in 2013.
The piece is based on Showtime's Masters of Sex, which became one of my favorite shows in the past year. Although getting Michael Sheen's likeness was tough, I'm pleased with how it came out (including the gleaming...device "Ulysses")

I once again went to GotPrint to have the cards printed and am again immensely pleased with the quality. I put my "Better Than Goofy Golf" Close Encounters piece on the back with a little bit of room for a personal message.
These should be hitting AD's mailboxes the beginning of next week!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

People Who Died 2013

I was recently approached by the Philadelphia City Paper to once again do their annual People Who Died issue. I had done before it two years ago and had a great time working on it so when the opportunity came up again, I jumped on it.
AD Reseca Peskin came prepared with the idea of framing the portraits in presidential-style duotone stamps with the portrait full-color inside. I found a wealth of reference to draw from with different style frames from various countries and time periods.

Apart from the cover, I wound up with the task of doing seven portraits of the notable Philadelphia residents who passed away this past year.

Politician Happy Fernandez and jazz pianist Jimmy Amadie
Middle school student Laporshia Massey and firefighter Michael Goodwin
Lawyer A. Charles Peruto Sr. and MOVE bombing survivor Michael Ward
1950's television host Sally Starr
You can read about these subjects as well all 23 Philadelphians who died this past year on the City Paper website HERE or even read the entire issue at
Thanks again to Reseca and the City Paper for such a great gig!