Friday, April 23, 2010

Jim Cookie!

"The Continuing Adventures of Jim Cookie: Space Explorer" is my brand new space adventure animation. Check it out below or go to to watch it large:

Essentially, "Jim Cookie" is a bit of a love letter to Star Wars and Spielberg, two things I could not possibly live without. I love movies the way I do because of them both.
The idea for the story came to me rather quickly and the whole thing proceeded to move pretty fast from there. I looked at a lot of reference for all of the characters to compile a lot of ideas as well as make homages, i.e. the orange flight suit Jim wears.With some rough storyboards, I began making the final images in Photoshop, a process which took about 3 weeks and resulted in over 1300 jpegs. Each shot is a psd with each element isolated to it's own layer. Each layer is individually moved before its saved as a new frame.
While I voiced Jim myself, I brought in two actors to provided voices for the other characters: my roommate and editing assistant Bryan Dechart as Admiral Kane and Leah Johnston as Annie.
Editing was completed over two days, during which stupid amounts of coffee were consumed while the John Williams soundtrack for Hook constantly provided inspiration.
Well, I hope you enjoy the animation as much as I do. I think this represents a promising start to a new facet of my career in art as well as only the beginning of Jim Cookie's grand adventures across the cosmos.


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  1. awesome!!! I can't wait to see the next adventure of Cookie.