Friday, May 7, 2010

Society of Illustrators

The opening reception for the Student Scholarship Competition at the Society of Illustrators was tonight. 195 pieces were on display through two galleries at the Society and represented 46 schools from across the country. There was a tremendous variety of work, all of which was extremely unique and very inspiring. My piece based on Family Band was selected. I had done this piece back in either December or January after receiving a free copy of Family Band's Blessed EP and really digging the mysterious/ominous folk they were creating.
The piece was essentially about the music being a sort of death throe that acts like a beacon, or a sort of particular tone that's only audible to more sinister creatures, i.e. vultures. Getting reference for the vultures was fun, but pretty disturbing. They're unusually ugly/scary birds. But it was still obviously fun to draw them. And I just really like drawing guitars.
The show will be on display at the Society through May 29th. I highly advise going to check it out (128 East 63rd Street) There is some really incredible work on display with some fantastic unique and individual voices. This is the future of illustration, folks. And it's looking good.
All photos by Bryan Dechart. Check out his photography here.

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