Saturday, March 19, 2011


First off, thanks to Daniel Fishel and Narciso Espiritu and anyone else that helped me out with the design queries I had regarding my business card. All of the comments and suggestions were very helpful. I've actually decided to change gears and use a different piece for the card, one I had been sitting on for a couple of months now, so that should be off to be printed soon.
I've also recently done album artwork for my friends in the Astoria-based band, The Kobolds. It was essentially a big experiment for me as its entirely digital and I did it in a kind of painterly style, which is rare in my work. But I had a good time doing it.In the meantime, I invite you to check out my newly redesigned and updated website! I've added three new pieces to the site as well as a simpler, more streamlined way to navigate through the pieces. Check it out!

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