Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Homeless in DC

The incomparable Steve Brodner recently asked me to create a piece for a new series of on his site entitled The Human Arts Right Project (Wesley Ryan Clapp recently did a wonderful piece for the series) The series consists of work done by young artists creating topical pieces that could, as an the aggregate, make an impact and bring awareness to issues.
Steve suggested the topic of homelessness in Washington, DC. In researching, I was shocked to learn when new major Vincent Gray cut the city's budget rather than raise taxes, it created a $20.5 million gap in aid for the homeless. Currently, there were over 500 homeless families being denied shelter and forced to sleep on the streets. You can read my text response along with the image here.

A few of the steps with the ink drawing, a texture on transparency paper, the color and the final.


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