Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crash Landing Pt. 3

The Crash Landing series is my own little personal project designed to pay homage to Amazing Stories/Strange Adventures/old sci-fi periodicals and play with the stereotypical storytelling conventions.
In the third installment, we find our rogue hero on a strange new planet confronted by the creature from Part II. This time, I really wanted to show the entire figure, mostly to just draw the rest of the main character's outfit, with even more inexplicable red rings around the limbs. Luckily, the loft in my apartment let me get the vantage point I wanted when I shot some reference photos with my roommate.I tore through the drawing and inking with the help of a steady diet of Weeds on Netflix Instant and Season 3 of The Venture Bros. And coffee, obviously.
Like all of the buttons and dials in the first Crash Landing piece, I once again wanted the background to almost form a pattern while still remaining extremely detailed.
I'm very excited to move onto parts IV and V to see how the story ends.


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