Monday, November 7, 2011

Breaking Bad

To put it plainly I love Breaking Bad. I began work on this illustration when the fourth season began and then shelved it away as I was adjusting to LA and going out on storyboarding jobs. I recently came back to it, as the fourth season was wrapping up (and pick up speed from a somewhat sluggish beginning) and managed to bang it out pretty quickly.
I really enjoyed working on this piece because I simply love these characters. Every one of them is terribly fascinating, no matter which side they are on, which I think is the sign of a truly great and engrossing TV show.
Having done a piece about Breaking Bad while I was still in school, featuring just Walter White, I wanted to expand the scope this time around and include Walt's cooking partner Jesse, as well as their boss Gus and his enforcer Mike.
Ink linework
Linework, with color adjustments made in Photoshop
Finished piece
Mike and Gus
I just sent this file off to GotPrint to be a new mailer. So a bunch of art directors should be receiving it next week.


UPDATE: This piece is now available as a print as well as iPhone/iPod cases and stationery cards at my Society6 store,

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