Sunday, November 27, 2011

Foul Balls

I recently did a spot for Lauren Draper at the New York Observer for a sports column by writer/Bored to Death-creator Jonathan Ames. In this article, he describes the way in which he cheers for all New York baseball, football and basketball teams.

"...then in my mid-30’s, after years of being a weak-willed, fair-weather fan, I decided, exhausted by my waffling, to root for all six New York teams at once. 
     This way I can enjoy the hubristic wobble of Rex Ryan’s chins and the dull heroism of Eli Manning, Amare Stoudemire’s ass-in-the-air tippy-toe walk and Deron Williams’ unusual beard (if there’s an NBA season), and Robinson Cano’s swing and Ike Davis’s bent nose.  It’s like what Woody Allen said about being bi-sexual and doubling your chances for a date on Saturday night – one of my teams usually wins."

Inks - Ames portrait, hats on tracing paper,
Detail - Yankees Ames

Thanks again for a fun job, Lauren.


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