Wednesday, October 31, 2012

You Are the Pan

Plain and simple, Hook is my favorite movie.
There's a puzzle that I made when I was a kid that's stashed away somewhere in my parents' basement. It was one of those draw-your-own-design puzzle kits. So naturally I drew the big fight from the end between the Lost Boys and Hook's pirates.
I watch it on Blu-Ray at least once a month.
I listen to the John Williams score at least once a week. (In fact, I just got the expanded soundtrack, which has several pieces from the film I've been dying to have)
Hell, I even wore out my copy of it on VHS.

There were a number of moments from the film I've wanted to draw as a poster...

 ...but I ended up choosing what I felt was the most appropriate: when Peter finally finds his happy thought and becomes the Pan once more.



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